Me? You want to know about me? You’ve come to the right place.

I’m an Australian journalist and communications guru who has worked for more than a decade in Australia and Asia. My mission in life is to turn complex ideas into crisp language for a broad audience. There’s no point in saying anything if nobody’s listening.

I started my career in newspapers, back when the phrase “career in newspapers” was said with a straight face. In 2007 I joined The Age in Melbourne as a trainee reporter, covering everything from local crime to footballers behaving badly to politicians on MySpace – and ferrets.

I went on to report on business and economics during the Global Financial Crisis, where I covered investments collapsing, companies merging, interest rates plummeting, stock markets roller-coasting and other exciting things that often made the front page.

In their infinite wisdom the editors of The Age in 2009 sent me to cover federal issues in Canberra, where the chaos I had witnessed in financial markets was matched by the chaos I witnessed in politics.

In 2011 I moved to Indonesia where I became a copy editor (and eventually chief copy editor) of the Jakarta Globe, the leading English-language daily newspaper. On the copy desk we worked with a team of reporters and editors to tell Indonesian news stories in the best possible way, with insight, context and a dash of wit.

After several years witnessing the experiences of foreign investors in Indonesia I wrote a book about them, “Risky Business”. The book uses a series of case studies to document the challenges and opportunities for investment in Indonesia, and explain how economic nationalism is hurting ordinary Indonesians.

Upon returning to Australia in 2014 I worked as a communications officer with the Australian Government’s G20 task-force then for the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In 2018 I joined Nous Group, an international management consultancy, to lead its content marketing strategy. In this role I work with hundreds of Nous consultants across Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom to produce thought leadership writing and podcasts to demonstrate our expertise in public policy, business strategy and organisational performance.

I hold a Master of Business Administration from the Australian National University and graduated with degrees in commerce and arts from the University of Melbourne. 

I previously blogged at Ari on the Web and now blog on this page.

More details on my biography are available on LinkedIn.